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September 30, 2013:
Neoprene is a popular style for holiday shopping, but custom sizes take time so order now!

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New designs are always being added for 2013 and 2014 cars! No matter whether you have an open topped Jeep Wrangler or a BMW that never goes out in the rain, there is a neoprene design that will fit your seat's contours and preserve your upholstery. Holidays, Birthdays, and all other days are a great reason to buy Neoprene Seat Covers. Get the best deals on all kinds of automotive coverings.

Neoprene Seat Covers for all cars!

Get the best seat covers for your car or truck!

Anyone who has ever owned a wetsuit knows the value of neoprene. The rubber backed fabric has features that protect and preserve auto seats in ways that other seat cover designs can’t. For instance, anyone with children knows that heavy spills on a velour or polyester seat cover will pass right through to the upholstery. With neoprene covers, the spill usually runs off or pools in a place where it can be absorbed with a towel or napkins.

New for 2014 vehicles! Special camoflage designs and fittings for 2014 trucks have been added! Neoprene seat covers are available in a variety of solid and patterned styles. Because they are waterproof, they are ideal for open topped vehicles as well as cars where a lot of spills are expected. Neoprene fabrics are also great for tight, custom fits around console materials, seatbelts, and other car seat features.

Hawaiian Car Seat Covers are most often made out of neoprene, given their use in jeeps and vehicles modified by surfers. For people who chase the best waves around the island, a seatcover that stands up to saltwater, hot sun, and rain is a lifesaver. Anyone who has seen a car seat that has been rotted by direct sunlight and island weather can tell you that neoprene car seat covers are not only recommended but essential.

However, you don’t need to live in Hawaii to understand the value of wetsuit material, and you don’t even have to drive around with flower patterned auto seat covers. There are plenty of solid colors and racing inspired patterns to choose from, so you can get a custom cover that is guaranteed to fit bench, bucket, console, 60/40 or 40/20/40 seats. Premium models are made to fit your exact year, make, model, and configuration, so you can hold on to your resale value and drive in style at the same time.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Make sure you are getting the right cover for your seat. Some car models have different configurations, and automobile manufacturers will sometimes put last year's seats in this year's vehicle so check to see if the description matches the configuration.